1f47ac - Update to 1.3.2a

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 10 years ago
    - Update to 1.3.2a
    - Add patch to reinstate support for -DPARAMETER (upstream bug 3221)
    - Retain CAP_AUDIT_WRITE, needed for pam_loginuid (#506735, fixed upstream)
    - Remove ScoreboardFile directive from configuration file - default value
        works better with SELinux (#498375)
    - Ship mod_quotatab_sql.so in the main package rather than the SQL backend
    - New DSO modules:
    - mod_ctrls_admin
    - mod_facl
    - mod_load
    - mod_quotatab_radius
    - mod_radius
    - mod_ratio
    - mod_rewrite
    - mod_site_misc
    - mod_wrap2
    - mod_wrap2_file
    - mod_wrap2_sql
    - Enable mod_lang/nls support for RFC 2640 (and buildreq gettext)
    - Add /etc/sysconfig/proftpd to set PROFTPD_OPTIONS and update initscript
        to use this value so we can use a define to enable (e.g.) anonymous FTP
        support rather than having a huge commented-out section in the config
    - Rewrite config file to remove most settings that don't change upstream
        defaults, and add brief descriptions for all available loadable modules
    - Move Umask and IdentLookups settings from server config to <Global>
        context so that they apply to all servers, including virtual hosts
    - Ensure mod_ifsession is always the last one specified, which makes sure
        that mod_ifsession's changes are seen properly by other modules
    - Drop pam version requirement - all targets have sufficiently recent
    - Drop redundant explicit dependency on pam
    - Subpackages don't need to own %{_libexecdir}/proftpd directory
    - Drop redundant krb5-devel buildreq
    - Make SRPM back-compatible with EPEL-4 (TLS cert dirs, PAM config)
    - Don't include README files for non-Linux platforms
    - Recode ChangeLog as UTF-8
    - Don't ship the prxs tool for building custom DSO's since we don't ship
        the headers either
    - Prevent stripping of binaries in a slightly more robust way
    - Fix release tag to be ready for future beta/rc versions
    - Define RPM macros in global scope
    - Try re-enabling parallel build
    - BuildRequire libcap-devel so that we use the system library rather than
        the bundled one, and eliminate log messages like: kernel: warning:
        `proftpd' uses 32-bit capabilities (legacy support in use)
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