3c856a Update to 1.3.4rc2

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 9 years ago
    Update to 1.3.4rc2
    New upstream release 1.3.4rc2 (see NEWS and RELEASE_NOTES for full details)
    - Display messages work properly again
    - Fixes plaintext command injection vulnerability in FTPS implementation
      (bug 3624)
    - Fixes CVE-2011-1137 (badly formed SSH messages cause DoS - bug 3586)
    - Performance improvements, especially during server startup/restarts
    - New modules mod_memcache and mod_tls_memcache for using memcached servers
      for caching information among different proftpd servers and/or across
    - Utilities installed by default: ftpasswd, ftpmail, ftpquota
    - New configuration directives:
      - MaxCommandRate
      - SQLNamedConnectInfo
      - TraceOptions
    - Changed configuration directives:
      - BanOnEvent
      - ExtendedLog
      - LogFormat
      - PathAllowFilter
      - PathDenyFilter
      - SFTPOptions
      - SFTPPAMOptions
      - SQLNamedQuery
      - TLSSessionCache
      - Trace
    - New documentation for ConnectionACLs and utilities (ftpasswd etc.)
    Use the pcre regexp implementation (where possible) rather than the glibc one,
    which isn't safe with untrusted regexps
    (http://bugs.proftpd.org/3595, CVE-2010-4051, CVE-2010-4052, #673040)
    We need libmemcached 0.41 or later for memcached support
    We need pcre 7.0 or later for pcre regexp support
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