890823 Update to 1.3.5e

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 3 years ago
    Update to 1.3.5e
    - New upstream release 1.3.5e
      - SFTP clients using umac-64@openssh.com digest failed to connect
        (upstream bug 4287)
      - SFTP rekeying failure with ProFTPD 1.3.5d, caused by null pointer
        dereference (upstream bug 4288)
      - AllowChrootSymlinks off did not check entire DefaultRoot path for symlinks
        (CVE-2017-7418, upstream bug 4295)
    - Change shellbangs in shipped perl scripts to use system perl
    - Drop EL-5 support
      - Drop BuildRoot: and Group: tags
      - Drop explicit buildroot cleaning in %install section
      - Drop explicit %clean section
      - /etc/pam.d/password-auth always available now
      - pcre 7.0 or later always available now
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