8abab9 Cumulative bug fix update

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 8 years ago
    Cumulative bug fix update
    - Document SELinux configuration for ProFTPD in proftpd.conf (#785443)
    - Add support for basic and administrative controls actions using ftpdctl by
      default (#786623)
    - Add trace logging directives in proftpd.conf but disable them by default as
      they impair performance
    - Fix ftpwho/ftptop not showing command arguments (bug 3714)
    - Fix MLSD/MLST fail with "DirFakeUser off" or "DirFakeGroup off" (bug 3715)
    - Fix proftpd fails to run with "Abort trap" error message (bug 3717)
    - Fix LIST -R can loop endlessly if bad directory symlink exists (bug 3719)
    - Fix overly restrictive module logfile permissions (bug 3720)
    - Fix mod_memcache segfault on server restart (bug 3723)
    - Fix unloading mod_quotatab causes segfault (#757311, bug 3724)
    - Fix mod_exec does not always capture stdout/stderr output from executed
      command (bug 3726)
    - Fix mod_wrap2 causes unexpected LogFormat %u expansion for SFTP connections
      (bug 3727)
    - Fix mod_ldap segfault when LDAPUsers is used with no optional filters
      (bug 3729)
    - Fix DirFakeUser/DirFakeGroup off with name causes SIGSEGV for MLSD/MLST
      commands (bug 3734)
    - Fix improper handling of self-signed certificate in client-sent cert list
      when "TLSVerifyClient on" is used (bug 3742)
    - Fix random stalls/segfaults seen when transferring large files via SFTP
      (bug 3743)
    - Support ls(1) -1 option for LIST command (bug 3744)
    - Reject PASV command if no IPv4 address available (bug 3745)
    - Support applying ListOptions only to NLST or to LIST commands (bug 3746)
    - Support option for displaying symlinks via MLSD using syntax preferred by
      FileZilla (bug 3747)
    - Fix mod_ban not closing and reopening the BanLog/BanTable file descriptors
      on restart, causing a file descriptor leak (bug 3751)
    - Fix mod_ctrls no longer listening on ControlsSocket after restart (bug 3756)
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