a7df47 Update to 1.3.5d

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 3 years ago
    Update to 1.3.5d
    - New upstream release 1.3.5d
      - Support OpenSSL 1.1.x API (upstream bug 4275)
      Bug fixes:
      - SSH rekey during authentication can cause issues with clients
        (upstream bug 4254)
      - Recursive SCP uploads of multiple directories not handled properly
        (upstream bug 4257)
      - LIST returns different results for file, depending on path syntax
        (upstream bug 4259)
      - "AuthAliasOnly on" in server config breaks anonymous logins
        (upstream bug 4255)
      - CapabilitiesEngine directive not honored for <IfUser>/<IfGroup> sections
        (upstream bug 4272)
      - Memory leak when mod_facl is used (upstream bug 4278)
      - All FTP logins treated as anonymous logins again (upstream bug 4283,
        regression in 1.3.5c of upstream bug 3307)
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