d8effb Update to 1.3.4rc3

Authored and Committed by pghmcfc 8 years ago
    Update to 1.3.4rc3
    - New upstream release 1.3.4rc3 (see NEWS and RELEASE_NOTES for full details)
      - The mod_ldap configuration directives have changed to a simplified version;
        please read the "Changes" section in README.LDAP for details
      - Support for using RADIUS for authentication SSH2 logins, and for supporting
        the NAS-IPv6-Address RADIUS attribute
      - Automatically disable sendfile support on AIX systems
      - <Limit WRITE> now prevents renaming/moving a file out of the limited
      - ExtendedLog entries now written for data transfers that time out
    - Drop upstreamed patches
    - Use new --disable-strip option to retain debugging symbols
    - Use upstream LDAP quota table schema rather than our own copy
    - Add patch for broken MySQL auth (#718327, upstream bug 3669)
    - Remove spurious exec permissions on systemd unit file
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