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Name:           proselint
Version:        0.12.0
Release:        %autorelease
Summary:        A linter for English prose

License:        BSD
Source0:        %pypi_source
BuildArch:      noarch

Requires:       python3-click
Requires:       python3-future
Requires:       python3-six

BuildRequires:  python3-setuptools
BuildRequires:  python3-devel

# For running the tests:
BuildRequires:  python3-click
BuildRequires:  python3-future
BuildRequires:  python3-mock
BuildRequires:  python3-nose
BuildRequires:  python3-pytest
BuildRequires:  python3-six

proselint's goal is to aggregate knowledge about best practices in
writing and to make that knowledge immediately accessible to all authors
in the form of a linter for prose.  It is a command-line utility that
can be integrated into existing tools.

%autosetup -p 1 -n %{name}-%{version}
# Remove bundled egg-info
rm -rf %{name}.egg-info



env PATH=%{buildroot}%{_bindir}:$PATH \
    PYTHONPATH=%{buildroot}%{python3_sitelib} \
    LANG=C.UTF-8 \