#2 workaround build failure with python3.8 and gevent < 1.5a3
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@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@ 


  # disable 1 failing test (already removed from pykka 2.0.3)

  sed -i '/def test_upgrade_internal_message/i@pytest.mark.skip()' tests/test_messages.py

+ # this test fails with python3.8 and gevent < 1.5a3

+ sed -i '/def test_get_raises_exception_with_full_traceback/i@pytest.mark.skip()' tests/test_future.py




this was formerly a PR to update pykka to v2.x.

passes tests (except 1 disabled one that's already gone from upstream's repository). see also rhbz#1785943. This version update is required for mopidy (review request pending).

Fix sourceurl, it should be %{srcurl}/tarball/v%{version}/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz

Change to %autosetup -p1

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  • fix reviewer's remarks
9 months ago

Thanks for looking at this. fixed your remarks.

@girst Could you please squash the commits?

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9 months ago

@ngompa Thanks for caring. Do you have interest to take ownership for the pykka package?

  • Please use a glob here instead of ? as Python 3.10 would break this package:


  • Also in the %changelog entry, please add the bug number so it can be closed automaticallyby Bodhi:

- update to 2.0.2 (#1785943)

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9 months ago

thanks, fixed.

edit: first comment coming right up
edit2: both fixed. only got an email for your second comment

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9 months ago
  • Use this URL fos the archive:

Source0: %{srcurl}/archive/v%{version}/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz

sphinx-build -b devhelp -d _build/doctrees . _build/devhelp
Running Sphinx v2.2.2
making output directory... done
Theme error:
sphinx_rtd_theme is no longer a hard dependency since version 1.4.0. Please install it manually.(pip install sphinx_rtd_theme)
make: *** [Makefile:80: devhelp] Error 2
RPM build errors:
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.Ouaxrv (%build)

Add a BR for python3-sphinx_rtd_theme

Also one test is failing, see https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=40258712

=================================== FAILURES ===================================
____________ test_get_raises_exception_with_full_traceback[gevent] _____________
runtime = Runtime(name='gevent', actor_class=<class 'pykka.gevent.GeventActor'>, event_class=<class 'gevent._event.Event'>, future_class=<class 'pykka.gevent.GeventFuture'>, sleep_func=<function sleep at 0xb5710658>)
    def test_get_raises_exception_with_full_traceback(runtime):
        exc_class_get = None
        exc_class_set = None
        exc_instance_get = None
        exc_instance_set = None
        exc_traceback_get = None
        exc_traceback_set = None
        future = runtime.future_class()

            raise NameError('foo')
        except NameError:
            exc_class_set, exc_instance_set, exc_traceback_set = sys.exc_info()

        # We could move to another thread at this point

        except NameError:
            exc_class_get, exc_instance_get, exc_traceback_get = sys.exc_info()

        assert exc_class_set == exc_class_get
        assert exc_instance_set == exc_instance_get

        exc_traceback_list_set = list(
        exc_traceback_list_get = list(

        # All frames from the first traceback should be included in the
        # traceback from the future.get() reraise
        assert len(exc_traceback_list_set) < len(exc_traceback_list_get)
        for i, frame in enumerate(exc_traceback_list_set):
>           assert frame == exc_traceback_list_get[i]
E           assert <FrameSummary...ull_traceback> == <FrameSummary ...9 in <module>>
E             Use -v to get the full diff
tests/test_future.py:115: AssertionError

File a bug with upstream to see what's the problem.

Edit: filed: https://github.com/jodal/pykka/issues/93

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9 months ago

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9 months ago

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9 months ago

given that python3-gevent 1.5.0a3 is now in rawhide, this PR has outlived its usefulness. closing.

Pull-Request has been closed by girst

9 months ago