#24 create temp directory for build wheel
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+ `%pyproject_install` installs all wheels in `$PWD/pyproject-macros-wheeldir/`. If you would like to save wheels somewhere else redefine `%{_pyproject_wheeldir}`.



  Adding run-time and test-time dependencies


@@ -131,7 +133,6 @@ 




- `%pyproject_install` currently installs all wheels in `$PWD`. We are working on a more explicit solution.


  This macro changes shebang lines of every Python script in `%{buildroot}%{_bindir}` to `#! %{__python3} %{py3_shbang_opt}` (`#! /usr/bin/python3 -s`).

  We plan to preserve existing Python flags in shebangs, but the work is not yet finished.

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+ %_pyproject_wheeldir ./pyproject-macros-wheeldir


  %pyproject_wheel() %{expand:\\\


- %{__python3} -m pip wheel --no-deps --use-pep517 --no-build-isolation --disable-pip-version-check --progress-bar off --verbose .

+ %{__python3} -m pip wheel --wheel-dir %{_pyproject_wheeldir} --no-deps --use-pep517 --no-build-isolation --disable-pip-version-check --progress-bar off --verbose .




  %pyproject_install() %{expand:\\\

- %{__python3} -m pip install --root %{buildroot} --no-deps --disable-pip-version-check --progress-bar off --verbose --ignore-installed --no-warn-script-location ./*.whl

+ %{__python3} -m pip install --root %{buildroot} --no-deps --disable-pip-version-check --progress-bar off --verbose --ignore-installed --no-warn-script-location %{_pyproject_wheeldir}/*.whl

  if [ -d %{buildroot}%{_bindir} ]; then

    pathfix.py -pni "%{__python3} %{py3_shbang_opts}" %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/*

    rm -rfv %{buildroot}%{_bindir}/__pycache__

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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ 


  # Keep the version at zero and increment only release

  Version:        0

- Release:        9%{?dist}

+ Release:        10%{?dist}


  Source0:        macros.pyproject

  Source1:        pyproject_buildrequires.py

@@ -87,6 +87,10 @@ 

  %license LICENSE



+ * Fri Nov 15 2019 Patrik Kopkan <pkopkan@redhat.com> - 0-10

+ - Install wheel in '$PWD/pyproject-macros-wheeldir' to have more explicit path from which we install.

+ - The path can be changed by redefining %%_pyproject_wheeldir.


  * Wed Nov 13 2019 Anna Khaitovich <akhaitov@redhat.com> - 0-9

  - Remove stray __pycache__ directory from /usr/bin when running %%pyproject_install


Please rebase this on master, it conflicts and adds some of my old commits, so it is not clear what is actually changing

Not sure you can create shell variables in %build and reuse them in %install.

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a month ago

Right, so I will use some hardcoded path. Is it good idea to check if is is defined something like %pyproject_wheeldir and instead use that?

Yes, we can define it and let people redefine it if needed. I'd suggest naming it with an underscore, to signal it is not fully supported, such as %_pyproject_wheeldir.

I also suggest the directory to be in pwd, not in /tmp.

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a month ago

no need for expand, you can make it a oneliner (like a "variable"):

%_pyproject_wheeldir ./pyproject-macros-wheeldir

Please don't forget:

  • changelog entry
  • update the README (it currently says we install all wheels in PWD)
  • reword the commit, add rationale (why is this change needed)

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a month ago

the backslash is intentional or typo? capital I in If. redefine instead of define.

no need for () in %_pyproject_wheeldir

If you have macros in the changelog, the % needs to be escaped: %%_pyproject_wheeldir

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This looks good to me. I'll wait for the CI and merge.

Good job!

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