169de85 Rebase to 1.5 (rhbz#701121)

Authored and Committed by dmalcolm 10 years ago
    Rebase to 1.5 (rhbz#701121)
    Update patches:
      patch 0: pypy-1.4-config.patch -> pypy-1.5-config.patch
      patch 4: pypy-1.4.1-more-readable-c-code.patch -> pypy-1.5-more-readable-c-code.patch
    Remove references to *.inl files, no longer present
    Add the following tests to the skip list:
      test_audioop, test_capi, test_distutils, test_gc, test_gdb, test_generators,
      test_getargs2, test_hotshot, test_io, test_multiprocessing, test_posix,
      test_readline, test_scope, test_strop, test_structmembers, test_subprocess,
      test_symtable, test_sys_settrace, test_tempfile, test_thread, test_uuid,
    Add a couple of text files to the payload (TODO, stdlib-version.txt)
file modified
+1 -0
pypy-1.5-config.patch pypy-1.4-config.patch
file renamed
+9 -14
pypy-1.5-more-readable-c-code.patch pypy-1.4.1-more-readable-c-code.patch
file renamed
+70 -72
file modified
+305 -7
file modified
+1 -1