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To install on Fedora 28+, run:

dnf install libmodulemd koji


With the prerequisites installed, the latest version can be installed with pip install ModulemdTranslationHelpers or on Fedora 28+ with dnf install python3-ModulemdTranslationHelpers (recommended).

CLI Usage

Extract Translatable Strings

To extract translatable strings from modules for a particular Fedora release (e.g. f29):

ModulemdTranslationHelpers --branch f29 extract [--pot-file <path>]

This will read all of the module metadata from the Koji build-system and convert the translatable strings to a portable object template (.pot) document.

Specify the destination for the output file with --pot-file.

### Produce modulemd-translations YAML To convert portable object (.po) files into modulemd-translations YAML documents that can be included in repodata: ``` ModulemdTranslationHelpers --branch f29 generate_metadata \ [--pofile-dir <path>] \ [--yaml-file <path>]


This will read all files with a .po suffix in the pofile-dir path and write the modulemd YAML to yaml-file.



The ModulemdTranslationHelpers package has two primary functions: get_module_catalog_from_tags() get_modulemd_translations()


This returns a babel.message.Catalog object containing all of the translatable strings from any module tagged with one of the passed tags. It can be passed to babel.messages.pofile.write_po() to create a portable object template (.pot) file.


This returns an iterable of modulemd-translation objects generated from a set of paths to portable object (.po) files containing translation information.


This package provides helper routines for dealing with translations in Fedora Modules.


The URL to the standard Fedora Koji instance.


Looks up which Fedora version the current Rawhide branch will become.


Gets the list of tags for modules in a given Fedora branch. (For rawhide, make sure to use the value returned from get_fedora_rawhide_version.)