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%bcond_without check
%global srcname OBD

Name:          python-%{srcname}
Version:       0.7.0
Release:       1%{?dist}
Summary:       OBD-II serial module for reading engine data
License:       GPLv2+
URL: {name}
# Fix python dependency generator error
# error: Illegal char '*' (0x2a) in: 0.7.*
# error: Illegal char '*' (0x2a) in: 3.*
Patch0:        %{name}-dep-ver.patch
BuildArch:     noarch

%global desc A python module for handling realtime sensor data from OBD-II vehicle ports.\
Works with ELM327 OBD-II adapters, and is fit for the Raspberry Pi.


%package -n python3-%{srcname}
Summary:       %{summary}
%{?python_provide:%python_provide python3-%{srcname}}
BuildRequires: python3-devel
%if %{with check}
BuildRequires: python3-pint >= 0.7
BuildRequires: python3-pytest
BuildRequires: python3-pyserial >= 3
%if 0%{fedora} < 30
Requires:      python3-pint >= 0.7
Requires:      python3-pyserial >= 3

%description -n python3-%{srcname}

Python 3 version.




%if %{with check}
PYTHONPATH=%{buildroot}%{python3_sitelib} pytest-3 -v

%files -n python3-%{srcname}
%license LICENSE

* Mon Mar 25 2019 Dominik Mierzejewski <> - 0.7.0-1
- initial packaging
- fix dependency version declarations in