#1 BR pytz
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BR pytz
Miro Hrončok • a month ago  
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@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ 

  %if 0%{?fedora} || 0%{?rhel} >= 8

  BuildRequires:      python2-setuptools

  BuildRequires:      python2-dateutil

+ BuildRequires:      python2-pytz

  BuildRequires:      python2-six

  BuildRequires:      python2-nose

  BuildRequires:      python2-simplejson

@@ -53,6 +54,7 @@ 

  # EPEL7 versions of the same things.

  BuildRequires:      python-setuptools

  BuildRequires:      python-dateutil

+ BuildRequires:      python-pytz

  BuildRequires:      python-six

  BuildRequires:      python-nose

  BuildRequires:      python-simplejson

@@ -84,6 +86,7 @@ 

  BuildRequires:      python%{python3_pkgversion}-setuptools

  BuildRequires:      python%{python3_pkgversion}-chai

  BuildRequires:      python%{python3_pkgversion}-dateutil

+ BuildRequires:      python%{python3_pkgversion}-pytz

  BuildRequires:      python%{python3_pkgversion}-six

  BuildRequires:      python%{python3_pkgversion}-nose

  BuildRequires:      python%{python3_pkgversion}-simplejson

It doesn't build without.

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