#5 Remove pipenv's metadata
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rpms/ ksurma/python-cached_property rm-pipenv-metadata  into  rawhide

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- 1

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- summary: Run pipenv tests

- discover:

-     how: fmf

-     url: https://src.fedoraproject.org/rpms/pipenv/

- execute:

-     how: tmt


After consideration, we've decided to ship pipenv with its bundled libraries instead of pulling Fedora's RPMs.
Main reason for that are the different velocities of pipenv and libraries it depends on, causing more and more incompatibilities (thanks to the tests, they were caught up before they've caused real problems).
As the packages were rebundled back, we don't need pipenv's test metadata out there anymore.
This PR doesn't change the package itself, only removes the pipenv's tests.

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