44d6223 New upstream version 0.63.0

Authored and Committed by music a year ago
    New upstream version 0.63.0
    - Whitespace changes
    - Drop obsolete %%python_provide macro
    - Comment out orjson dependencies in package metadata
    - Remove explicit/manual dependencies. This drops the hard dependency on uvicorn.
    - Use pyproject-rpm-macros for generated BR’s
    - Loosen all pinned dependencies
    - Fix starlette 0.14.x compatibility
    - Switch from PyPI tarball to GitHub tarball
    - Add a metapackage for the “all” extra (which is really all-but-orjson)
    - Add a separate -doc package; for now, we cannot build the HTML documentation,
      so we install the Markdown sources instead
    - Improved summary and description from upstream
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