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diff --git a/kombu/transport/ b/kombu/transport/
index 2204624..35da356 100644
--- a/kombu/transport/
+++ b/kombu/transport/
@@ -850,7 +850,7 @@ def basic_get(self, queue, no_ack=False, **kwargs):
         except Empty:

-    def basic_ack(self, delivery_tag):
+    def basic_ack(self, delivery_tag, multiple=False):
         """Acknowledge a message by delivery_tag.

         Acknowledges a message referenced by delivery_tag. Messages can
@@ -864,8 +864,12 @@ def basic_ack(self, delivery_tag):
         :param delivery_tag: The delivery tag associated with the message
             to be acknowledged.
         :type delivery_tag: uuid.UUID
+        :param multiple: not implemented. If set to True an AssertionError
+            is raised.
+        :type multiple: bool

+        assert multiple is False

     def basic_reject(self, delivery_tag, requeue=False):