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### Abstract ###
# global prerelease b4

%global openldap_version 2.4.45-4
%global pypi_name python-ldap

Name: python-ldap
Version: 3.4.3
Release: %autorelease
License: Python
Summary: An object-oriented API to access LDAP directory servers
Source0: %{pypi_source}

### Build Dependencies ###
BuildRequires: gcc
BuildRequires: openldap-devel >= %{openldap_version}
BuildRequires: openssl-devel
BuildRequires: cyrus-sasl-devel
BuildRequires: python3-devel
BuildRequires: python3-setuptools
# Test dependencies
BuildRequires: openldap-servers >= %{openldap_version}
BuildRequires: openldap-clients >= %{openldap_version}
BuildRequires: python3-pyasn1 >= 0.3.7
BuildRequires: python3-pyasn1-modules >= 0.1.5

%global _description\
python-ldap provides an object-oriented API for working with LDAP within\
Python programs.  It allows access to LDAP directory servers by wrapping the\
OpenLDAP 2.x libraries, and contains modules for other LDAP-related tasks\
(including processing LDIF, LDAPURLs, LDAPv3 schema, etc.).

%description %_description

%package -n     python3-ldap
Summary:        %{summary}

Requires:  openldap >= %{openldap_version}
Requires:  python3-pyasn1 >= 0.3.7
Requires:  python3-pyasn1-modules >= 0.1.5
Requires:  python3-setuptools
%{?python_provide:%python_provide python3-ldap}
Obsoletes: python3-pyldap < 3
Provides:  python3-pyldap = %{version}-%{release}
Provides:  python3-pyldap%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}

%description -n python3-ldap %_description

%autosetup -p1 -n %{name}-%{version}%{?prerelease}
# Fix interpreter
find . -name '*.py' | xargs sed -i '1s|^#!/usr/bin/env python|#!%{__python3}|'


PYTHONPATH=%{buildroot}%{python3_sitearch} %{__python3} -m unittest discover -v -s Tests -p 't_*'


%files -n python3-ldap
%license LICENCE