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%global srcname nb2plots

# Fixes for Sphinx 2.0 have been checked into git, but there is no new release
# yet.  Use a git checkout for the time being.
%global gitdate 20200412
%global commit  bdcaeb7fd53f1332ccf28935bb36d25e16556b52
%global shortcommit %(c=%{commit}; echo ${c:0:7})

Name:           python-%{srcname}
Version:        0.6
Release:        12.%{gitdate}.%{shortcommit}%{?dist}
Summary:        Convert between Jupyter notebooks and sphinx docs

License:        BSD
URL:  {srcname}

BuildArch:      noarch
BuildRequires:  python3-devel
BuildRequires:  python3dist(ipykernel)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(ipython)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(jupyter-client)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(matplotlib)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(mock)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(nbconvert)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(netifaces)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(numpy)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(numpydoc)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(pytest)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(scripttester)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(setuptools)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(six)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(sphinx)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(sphinxtesters)
BuildRequires:  python3dist(texext)

BuildRequires:  help2man
BuildRequires:  latexmk
BuildRequires:  pandoc
BuildRequires:  tex(latex)
BuildRequires:  tex(capt-of.sty)
BuildRequires:  tex(fncychap.sty)
BuildRequires:  tex(framed.sty)
BuildRequires:  tex(needspace.sty)
BuildRequires:  tex(tabulary.sty)
BuildRequires:  tex(upquote.sty)
BuildRequires:  tex(wrapfig.sty)

This package contains tools for converting from Jupyter notebooks to
ReST for Sphinx, and vice versa.

%package -n     python3-%{srcname}
Summary:        Convert between Jupyter notebooks and sphinx docs
Requires:       pandoc
Requires:       python3dist(ipykernel)
Requires:       python3dist(jupyter-client)
Requires:       python3dist(nbconvert)

%{?python_provide:%python_provide python3-%{srcname}}

%description -n python3-%{srcname}
This package contains tools for converting from Jupyter notebooks to
ReST for Sphinx, and vice versa.

%package docs
Summary:        Documentation for %{name}

%description docs
Documentation for %{name}.

%autosetup -p1 -n %{srcname}-%{commit}
# The ghp-import requirement is needed only for pushing to github
sed -i '/ghp-import/d' doc-requirements.txt

# Fix shebangs -pni %{__python3} scripts/* doc/
sed -i '/#!python/d' nb2plots/

# Fix the version
sed -i 's/HEAD -> master/tag: %{version}/' nb2plots/


# Documentation build
export PATH=$PWD/build/scripts-%{python3_version}:$PATH
export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/build/lib
make -C doc html
rst2html --no-datestamp README.rst README.html

# Make man pages
mkdir man1
for m in nb2plots rst2md sphinx2md sphinx2nb sphinx2pxml sphinx2py; do
  help2man --version-string=%{version} -N -o man1/${m}.1 scripts/$m


# Install the man pages
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_mandir}
cp -a man1 %{buildroot}%{_mandir}

export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/build/lib

%files -n python3-%{srcname}
%doc Changelog README.html
%license LICENSE

%files docs
%doc doc/_build/html/*

* Tue May 26 2020 Miro Hrončok <> - 0.6-12.20200412.bdcaeb7
- Rebuilt for Python 3.9

* Sun Apr 19 2020 Miro Hrončok <> - 0.6-11.20200412.bdcaeb7
- Ensure the Python package version matches the RPM package version

* Sat Apr 18 2020 Jerry James <> - 0.6-10.20200412.bdcaeb7
- Update to git head for sphinx 3 fixes
- Drop upstreamed -escape and -abc patches

* Thu Jan 30 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.6-9.20190809.dfa3ad2
- Rebuilt for

* Fri Jan 24 2020 Jerry James <> - 0.6-8.20190809.dfa3ad2
- Add -escape and -abc patches to silence python 3.8 warnings
- Add man pages

* Thu Oct 03 2019 Miro Hrončok <> - 0.6-7.20190809.dfa3ad2
- Rebuilt for Python 3.8.0rc1 (#1748018)

* Mon Aug 19 2019 Miro Hrončok <> - 0.6-6.20190809.dfa3ad2
- Rebuilt for Python 3.8

* Tue Aug 13 2019 Jerry James <> - 0.6-5.20190809.dfa3ad2
- Update to 20190809 git snapshot for Sphinx 2 fixes
- Drop -sphinxtesters patch

* Fri Jul 26 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.6-5
- Rebuilt for

* Sat Feb 02 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.6-4
- Rebuilt for

* Wed Nov 07 2018 Miro Hrončok <> - 0.6-3
- Drop the python2 subpackage

* Sat Sep  8 2018 Jerry James <> - 0.6-2
- Fix problems found on review

* Wed Sep  5 2018 Jerry James <> - 0.6-1
- Initial RPM