#13 Prepare spec for multiple flags in %py3_shebang_flags
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rpms/ churchyard/python-nbconvert py3_shebang_flags_sed  into  rawhide

file modified
+1 -1
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@ 

  # Unset -s on python shebang - ensure that extensions installed with pip

  # to user locations are seen and properly loaded

- %global py3_shebang_flags %nil

+ %global py3_shebang_flags %(echo %py3_shebang_flags | sed s/s//)


  %global pypi_name nbconvert


See the relevant change of packaging guidelines:

tl;dr If we ever add more flags, we want to remove s here, not all flags.

Warning: This PR was opened to 11 packages en masse without a testing mock build. Don't merge it willy-nilly, I plan to wait for the CI build to finish and verify the shebang myself.

feel free to merge when ready.

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