A simple nano-framework for testing redis modules using python unit test, and a disposable ephemeral redis subprocess.


import unittest
from rmtest import ModuleTestCase

class MyTestCase(ModuleTestCase('../module.so', module_args = ('foo', 'bar'))):

    def testCmd(self):
        self.assertOk(self.cmd('mymodule.dosomething', 'foo', 'bar'))

if __name__ == '__main__':

Controlling parameters with Environment Variables

It is possible to control the path to the redis server executable, the path to the module and an optional fixed port, from environment variables.


Controls the path to the module, either absolute, or relative to where the test resides.


Controls the path to redis-server. By default we assume it's in $PATH


Causes the tests to run against a fixed redis port instead of spawning ephemeral disposable redis instances for each test.

This is useful for debugging failures with redis-cli MONITOR.


Causes the tests to be run under a debugger (e.g. valgrind). The value to this environment variable is the path to the debugger. Does not work if there are spaces in the path.

Installing from pypi

$ pip install rmtest

Installing from Git

  1. Clone this repo

  2. sudo python setup.py install