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%__pythonname_provides() %{lua:
    local python = require 'fedora.srpm.python'
    -- this macro is called for each file in a package, the path being in %1
    -- but we don't need to know the path, so we would get for each file: Macro %1 defined but not used within scope
    -- in here, we expand %name conditionally on %1 to suppress the warning
    local name = rpm.expand('%{?1:%{name}}')
    local evr = rpm.expand('%{?epoch:%{epoch}:}%{version}-%{release}')
    local provides = python.python_altprovides_once(name, evr)
    -- provides is either an array/table or nil
    -- nil means the function was already called with the same arguments:
    --   either with another file in %1 or manually via %py_provide
    if provides then
      for i, provide in ipairs(provides) do
          print(provide .. ' ')

%__pythonname_path ^/