3d69ee5 New version - 0.7-1

Authored and Committed by jkonecny 3 years ago
    New version - 0.7-1
    - Fix crash when container callback is not set (jkonecny)
    - Add EntryWidget to show item title and value (jkonecny)
    - Add GetPasswordInputScreen for getting passwords (jkonecny)
    - UIScreen can have hidden input (jkonecny)
    - Move getpass func inside locks (jkonecny)
    - Implement GetInputScreen (jkonecny)
    - Do not print new line with empty container (jkonecny)
    - Add no_separator to UIScreen (jkonecny)
    - Fix HelpScreen title (jkonecny)
    - Remove original classes from GLib tests (jkonecny)
    - Fix test case name (jkonecny)
    - Move tests to subfolder (jkonecny)
    - Move base widgets as second example (jkonecny)
    - Add example with basic widgets usage (jkonecny)
    - Improve README.md (jkonecny)
    - Improve example starting script (jkonecny)
    - Add glib loop example (jkonecny)
    - Add prefixes to examples to impress difficulty (jkonecny)
    - Add comments to the examples (jkonecny)
    - Update examples to use new features (jkonecny)
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