5691b98 New version - 0.6-1

Authored and Committed by jkonecny 3 years ago
    New version - 0.6-1
    - Implement the force quit all loops feature (jkonecny)
    - Improved GLib event loop testing (jkonecny)
    - Handle GLib event loop exceptions better (jkonecny)
    - Support for GLib event loop (jkonecny)
    - Wrap exceptions from handlers as ExceptionSignal (jkonecny)
    - Only highest priority events are processed in one iteration (jkonecny)
    - Move parts from MainLoop to AbstractEventLoop (jkonecny)
    - MainLoop won't wait in busy loop anymore (jkonecny)
    - Don't block loop when waiting on user input (jkonecny)
    - Fix user input lock (jkonecny)
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