ffbc983 New version - 1.0-1

Authored and Committed by jkonecny 2 years ago
    New version - 1.0-1
    - Fix docs based on the new PROCESSED feature (jkonecny)
    - Use new PROCESS_AND* in examples (jkonecny)
    - Add tests for PROCESSED_AND_{CLOSE|REDRAW} (jkonecny)
    - Use new PROCESSED_AND_{CLOSE|REDRAW} in advanced widgets (jkonecny)
    - Support PROCESSED_AND_CLOSE UserInputState (jkonecny)
    - Rename UserInputResult to UserInputAction (jkonecny)
    - Support PROCESSED_AND_REDRAW (jkonecny)
    - Fix link to the documentation in README (jkonecny)
    - Add link to the documentation (jkonecny)
    - Write documentation for Simpleline (jkonecny)
    - Disable pylint error for doc copyright variable (jkonecny)
    - Add new example used in the documentation (jkonecny)
    - Mock modules for readthedocs (jkonecny)
    - Do a small fixes to improve documentation (jkonecny)
    - Get version from the spec file (jkonecny)
    - Add documentation skeleton (jkonecny)
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