What is it?

This is very simple code to get system call number/name and availability from Python level. Reuses data from my system call table page.


I am also upstream maintainer. GitHub repo


There are two things provided by 'python3-system-calls' package:

  • simple 'syscall' script
  • Python module 'system_calls'

'syscall' script

This script can be used to check for name/number of Linux system call for any supported architecture (host one is assumed if none given).

$ syscall openat arm64
On arm64 system call number 56 is openat()
11:50 (s) hrw@puchatek:~$ syscall 56
On x86_64 system call number 56 is clone()
$ syscall 123 mipso32
On mipso32 there is no system call with 123 number.

Python use

Please check example scripts in upstream repo.