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%global checkout 8d8e7ca

Name:           python-typeshed
# There are no actual releases of typeshed so we are making one up
Version:        0.1
Release:	0.20160222%{?dist}
Summary:        Static type information for python modules

License:        ASL 2.0
# git archive --prefix=typeshed-0.1-8d8e7ca/ 8d8e7ca | gzip -c9 > typeshed-0.1-8d8e7ca.tar.gz
Source0:        typeshed-%{version}-%{checkout}.tar.gz

BuildArch:      noarch

Typeshed models function types for the Python standard library
and Python builtins, as well as third party packages.

This data can e.g. be used for static analysis, type checking or type inference.

This package stores the typedata in /usr/share/typeshed

%autosetup -n typeshed-%{version}-%{checkout}

# All stub files, nothing to build

mkdir -p %{buildroot}/%{_datadir}/typeshed
for dir in stdlib third_party ; do
    cp -r $dir %{buildroot}/%{_datadir}/typeshed/$dir

%license LICENSE

* Mon Feb 22 2016 David Shea - 0.1-0.20160222git
- Better approach to testing.
- Fix and greatly expand stubs for sqlalchemy.
- Expand the sqlalchemy stubs related to the Column model.
- Type Check webbrowser py3 module
- Add missing exec*, EX_* stubs for python 2 and fix py3 types.
- Add py2 webbrowser type checking
- Fix urlunparse stubs for 2.7 to correctly support a list/iterator argument
- Improvements to builtins min/max
- Try using "pip install -U ..." to install mypy
- Add missing definition of compile() for 2.7.
- Add abc.abstractproperty (Python 3)
- Fix incorrect sys.exit() type.
- Additional type information for asyncio

* Thu Feb 04 2016 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.1-0.20160129git
- Rebuilt for

* Thu Jan 28 2016 David Shea <> - 0.1-0.20160128git
- Add timer class to threading.pyi
- Assorted stub updates
- Some fixes to threading
- Add Iterable base class to csv.DictReader.
- Replace some unicode argument defaults with ...
- Use NamedTuple for inspect.ArgSpec and .FullArgSpec.
- Make Future stub resemble reality better.
- Make asyncio more Generator friendly
- Fix default parameter syntax.
- Fix os.environ improperly classified as not mutable for python 2.
- Implement fromhex and maketrans method
- Add missing re module constants for 2.7.
- Add message attribute to class BaseException.
- Fix several python 2 library stub errors.
- Fix class file so it can be used as "with file(...) as f: # etc.
- Fix min()/max() overloading with key= parameter.
- Fix stubs for concurrent.futures
- Fix type for py2 traceback.format_exc and add to python 3.
- Add stubs for traceback.format_exception.
- Port stub for os.walk from python 3 to 2 and cleanup comment.
- Fix datetime.timedelta() argument types to be floats.
- Add a Travis CI configuration.
- Add stdlib/2.7 to Travis CI tests.
- Test 2and3, 3.3, 3.4.
- Add stubs for some of the most heavily used parts of six.moves
- Revert "Fix min()/max() overloading with key= parameter.
- Fix signature for 2.7/binascii.crc32().
- Fix constructor signatures to 2.7/cPickle.{Pickler,Unpickler}.
- Copy frozenset stubs from 3/builtins.pyi into 2.7/__builtin__.pyi.
- Add 2.7 stubs for dict.fromkeys().
- Fix ast.parse(). The 2nd and 3rd arg are optional.
- Expand stubs for simplejson, unittest, email
- Comment out references to modules without stubs introduced by accident.
- Add html module stubs.
- Add various annotations to complete more of six.moves.

* Fri Jan 15 2016 David Shea <> - 0.1-0.20160115git
- 2.7 does not have lru_cache()
- Add keyword args to stdlib's json.pyi
- Add Generator to 2.7/typing.pyi.
- Make Reversible covariant.
- Fix Reversible.__reversed__() return type.
- Add flush keyword arg to print()
- Move contents of builtins/* to stdlib/*. This simplifies finding stubs.
- Remove outdated things from README.
- Make deque inherit from MutableMapping (with difficulty).

* Mon Jan 11 2016 David Shea <> - 0.1-0.20160111git
- Fix types for timetuple and utctimetuple
- Fix Python 3 six.moves
- Have ast.pyi re-export symbols from _ast.pyi.
- Unify 2.7 and 3 stubs for functools.
- Enhance type information for lru_cache

* Thu Jan  7 2016 David Shea <> - 0.1-0.20160107git.1
- typing: update 2 to match 3 on Sequence and Container
- builtins: Reversible is redundant when Sequence is already present
- Add __version__ to _ast.pyi.
- add Python 2 stubs for ast, tokenize
- Improve Python 2 stub for abc; _weakrefset stub.
- Update shlex.pyi
- Update random.pyi
- Add abstractproperty.__new__ so it can be used.
- Add object.__new__ so it can be called.
- Update 2.7 built-in set to be the same as PY3 set.
- Swap max() and min() overloads so max(x, y) and min(x, y) work as expected.
- Improve 2.7 stub for tempfile.
- Simplify SystemRandom now it subclasses Random, for 2.7 and 3.
- Add object.__setattr__ for 2.7.
- Simplify PY3 len() spec, no Union with tuple needed.
- Some updates now typing.Container is defined.
- Add cStringIO, cPickle to six.moves. Add six.moves for PY3.

* Fri Dec 18 2015 David Shea <> - 0.1-0.20151217git.1
- Rebuild with the correct prefix in the source archive

* Fri Dec 18 2015 David Shea <> - 0.1-0.20151217git
- Share operator stubs in 2and3
- Make attrgetter, itemgetter and methodcaller in operator usable

* Tue Dec 15 2015 David Shea <> - 0.1-0.20151205git
- Initial package