d5a5bf - move the -gdb.py file from %%{_libdir}/INSTSONAME-gdb.py to

Authored and Committed by dmalcolm 10 years ago
1 file changed. 46 lines added. 20 lines removed.
    - move the -gdb.py file from %%{_libdir}/INSTSONAME-gdb.py to
        %%{_prefix}/lib/debug/%%{_libdir}/INSTSONAME.debug-gdb.py to avoid
        noise from ldconfig (bug 562980), and which should also ensure it
        becomes part of the debuginfo subpackage, rather than the libs
    - introduce %%{py_SOVERSION} and %%{py_INSTSONAME} to reflect the upstream
        configure script, and to avoid fragile scripts that try to figure this
        out dynamically (e.g. for the -gdb.py change)
file modified
+46 -20