#37 Update python-debug description for Python 3.8 ABI unification
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  This version uses more memory and will be slower than the regular Python build,

  but is useful for tracking down reference-counting issues and other bugs.


- The bytecode format is unchanged, so that .pyc files are compatible between

- this and the standard version of Python, but the debugging features mean that

- C/C++ extension modules are ABI-incompatible and must be built for each version

- separately.


  The debug build shares installation directories with the standard Python

- runtime, so that .py and .pyc files can be shared.

- Compiled extension modules use a special ABI flag ("d") in the filename,

- so extensions for both versions can co-exist in the same directory.

+ runtime. Python modules -- source (.py), bytecode (.pyc), and C-API extensions

+ (.cpython*.so) -- are compatible between this and the standard version

+ of Python.


+ The debug runtime additionally supports debug builds of C-API extensions

+ (with the "d" ABI flag) for debugging issues in those extensions.

  %endif # with debug_build


  %else  # with flatpackage

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This totally slipped away for me. On it.

IIRC we still compile extension in debug mode (with d). compiled extensions share the same ABI but this allow more debugging in case of debugging a problem in an extension module.

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