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qt-bugs@ issue : 38642 number : 71084
applied: no
author: Lubos Lunak <>


 start Mozilla, go e.g. to, start KWrite (or basically any Qt 
app that accepts text drops), select 'Conquer your Desktop!', and try to 
drag&drop it onto KWrite. The only text pasted should be 'm'.

 I don't know much the related mimetype and encoding stuff, so I'm unsure 
whose fault this actually is. The text drag is provided as a lot of 
text/something targets, to list some text/_moz_htmlinfo, text/x-moz-url, 
text/unicode and similar. The problem is, Kate uses QTextDrag::decode() with 
no subtype specified, probably with the intention that as Kate is a text 
editor, it can accept any text pasted. And since the first target provided by 
mozilla is text/x-moz-url, (which moreover seems to be encoded as 16bit 
unicode), the text dropped is completely wrong. You can easily see all 
targets provided by Mozilla with see_mime.patch applied.

 Solution #1: Say that Kate (any pretty much everybody else expecting text) 
should say "plain" as the subtype. In such case, I suggest you drop the 
QTextDrag::decode() variant with no subtype specified, and stress more the 
fact that not specifying a subtype can result in a lot of rubbish. It's 
simply too tempting to leave the subtype empty and try to accept anything.

 Solution #2: When trying to accept anything, try to get useful data. Which 
means either sorting the subtypes available somehow, checking only the ones 
Qt knows.

 To me, #1 seems to be a better choice, or possibly at least something like 
the attached QTextDrag patch, which simply always tries first "plain" subtype 
if none is specified. With this patch, Mozilla even works (that's irony, of 
course, Mozilla still pastes the text/plain text as HTML, but at least now it 
pastes something where it's easy to point at the offender).

--- src/kernel/qdragobject.cpp.sav	2004-01-06 19:24:35.000000000 +0100
+++ src/kernel/qdragobject.cpp	2004-01-06 19:47:01.000000000 +0100
@@ -844,6 +844,16 @@ bool QTextDrag::decode( const QMimeSourc
 	return FALSE;
+    // when subtype is not specified, try text/plain first, otherwise this may read
+    // things like text/x-moz-url even though better targets are available
+    if( subtype.isNull()) {
+        QCString subtmp = "plain";
+        if( decode( e, str, subtmp )) {
+            subtype = subtmp;
+            return true;
+        }
+    }
     if ( e->cacheType == QMimeSource::Text ) {
 	str = *e->cache.txt.str;