The rocm-device-libs package

Please note that this package is built from forked source code maintained by the package maintainer (mystro256):

This is because upstream targets bleeding edge LLVM (upstream "main" branch).

In order to reduce the need to bundle LLVM for ROCm use and reduce over all complexity of ROCm in Fedora, it's easier just to branch the development tree of this component when LLVM branches, and then backport fixes from newer ROCm releases.

This fork will contain tags in the format of %{llvm_maj_ver}.%{bugfix_version}, where llvm_maj_ver is the target LLVM version, and bugfix_version is the bugfix revision if patches are backported to the forked branch. When updating LLVM, we should reset bugfix_version to 0, as the %{llvm_maj_ver}.0 tag will be created well before Fedora updates LLVM.