86c40d New upstream release - 1.27

Authored and Committed by pbabinca 5 years ago
    New upstream release - 1.27
    - Explicitly define pyrpkg's client name for man pages (pbabinca)
    - Refactor mock results dir to property (pbabinca)
    - Add skip-diffs option for import_srpms (lars)
    - Properly remove possible .py when creating man pages (lars)
    - Process srpm imports to empty repositories more explicitly (pbabinca)
    - Make UPLOADEXTS a class variable that can be extended (lars)
    - Introduce self.default_branch_remote for fresh clones (pbabinca)
    - On self.path change reset properties which could used old value (pbabinca)
    - Remove empty entry from git ls-files to not confuse following code (pbabinca)
    - Remove file names during srpm import in more extensible way (pbabinca)
    - Fix issue causing all current local builds via fedpkg to use md5 rather than
      sha256 (spot)
    - License replaced with official GPL 2.0 license from gnu.org (pbabinca)
    - Allow "rpkg commit -s" (pjones)
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