9fc293 New upstream release - 1.25

Authored and Committed by pbabinca 5 years ago
    New upstream release - 1.25
    - Note to do_imports() doc. (pbabinca)
    - Change default option for switch-branch from --no-fetch to --fetch (pbabinca)
    - Allow default name of the library to be set by subclasses (pbabinca)
    - Use name attribute of cliClient to get configuration (pbabinca)
    - Make setup.py executable (pbabinca)
    - Use direct git call for fetches (pbabinca)
    - Print reason for failed switch-branch (pbabinca)
    - Match whole branch with remote name when switching branch (pbabinca)
    - Refactor: deduplicate remote & branch_merge (pbabinca)
    - De-hardcode 'origin' as the remote name (bochecha)
    - Fallback the remote on 'origin' (bochecha)
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