c02ed8 New upstream release - 1.37

Authored and Committed by pbabinca 4 years ago
    New upstream release - 1.37
    - Add support for --nocheck (orion)
    - container-build: check repo (ttomecek)
    - move repo checking to a method (ttomecek)
    - Add 'oxt' and 'xpi' extensions to UPLOADEXTS (dsilakov)
    - Switch-branch: give more info about error (araszka)
    - Recognize binary files with .oxt and .xpi extensions (dsilakov)
    - Container-build: add --nowait option (araszka)
    - bash autocompletion: support for command container-build-config (pbabinca)
    - Implement getter for autorebuild value, use 'true' and 'false' for values
    - Add a command and option to change container build setup (bkabrda)
    - Edit tests for python2.6 - EL6 (araszka)
    - tests: Don't use assertNotIn (araszka)
    - tests: Don't use assertRaises as context manager (araszka)
    - tests: Don't use check_output (araszka)
    - Typo in import --help descriptions (araszka)
    - change the url for rpkg (dennis)
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