cc8360 New upstream release - 1.30

Authored and Committed by pbabinca 5 years ago
    New upstream release - 1.30
    - add python-nose as BuildRequires as run tests in check section (pbabinca)
    - pass extra data to the Commands object via properties instead of __init__()
    - clean up Koji login, and properly support password auth (mikeb)
    - add --runas option (mikeb)
    - run os.path.expanduser on the kojiconfig attribute in case the path is in the
      user's home directory (bstinson)
    - Override GIT_EDITOR in tests (pbabinca)
    - Massive Flake8 fix (bochecha)
    - Fix some more Flake8 issues (bochecha)
    - Fix some flake8 issues (bochecha)
    - Simplify some code (bochecha)
    - Fix typo (bochecha)
    - tests: Ensure functioning of Commands.list_tag (bochecha)
    - list_tags: Stop executing a command (bochecha)
    - list_tags: Fix the docstring (bochecha)
    - delete_tag: Stop executing a command (bochecha)
    - tests: Ensure functioning of Commands.delete_tag (bochecha)
    - add_tag: Run the tag command in the right directory (bochecha)
    - tests: Ensure proper functioning of Commands.add_tag (bochecha)
    - tests: Factor out some code (bochecha)
    - tests: Ensure functioning of Commands.clone (bochecha)
    - gitignore: Make sure each line ends with a \n (bochecha)
    - gitignore: We're not modified any more after we wrote to disk (bochecha)
    - tests: Ensure proper functioning of GitIgnore (bochecha)
    - tests: Use nose (bochecha)
    - Remove unused import (bochecha)
    - Some more PEP8 (bochecha)
    - Add classifiers to (pbabinca)
    - Add new sources file parser even with unit tests (pbabinca)
    - If source file doesn't exist continue without downloading files (pbabinca)
    - Reformat to be compliant with PEP 8 (pbabinca)
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