03ce5a5 Begin work on version 1.5

Authored and Committed by dcantrell 2 months ago
    Begin work on version 1.5
    Use llabs() instead of labs() in the filesize inspection
    Improve has invalid execstack flags reporting
    Use long unsigned int to report size changes in patches
    Fix some errors in the changedfiles inspection
    Update the changedfiles test cases
    Check DT_SONAME in is_elf_shared_library()
    Skip debuginfo and debugsource files in abidiff
    Make sure abidiff test cases add a DT_SONAME to the test lib
    Report INFO level for patches findings by default
    Python black fixes in test/test_abidiff.py
    Update the test/test_patches.py cases for patches changes
    Generate regular changelog in utils/srpm.h
    Skip branches without targets in submit-koji-builds.sh
    Fedora and CentOS systems in ci need diffstat
    opensuse-leap CI job requires diffstat
    Fix the Debian CI jobs in GitHub Actions
    Fix and enable the Ubuntu extra-ci job in GitHub Actions
    Use pip instead of pip3 for the Ubuntu command
    Use apt-get -y install in
    Enable the opensuse-tumbleweed GHA job again
    Make sure the Gentoo GHA job has diffstat
    Get the Arch Linux GHA job working again
    Use ubuntu:latest for the ubuntu GHA image
    Simplify the utils/determine-os.sh script
    Update license table in README.md
    Allow any number of builds specified for fetch only mode
    Handle old or broken versions of libmagic in changedfiles
    Update GitHub Action status badges in README.md
    Fix $(OS) check in the Makefile
    Fix the ubuntu GitHub Actions extra-ci job
    Make sure the centos8 job has git available before cloning
    Change strappend() to work as a variadic function
    Use json_tokener_parse_ex() to get better error reporting
    Fix reading of the javabytecode block in the config file
    Catch missing/losing -fPIC correctly on .a ELF objects (#352)
    Refactor elf_archive_tests() and its helper functions
    Followup fix for find_no_pic, find_pic, and find_all
    Install cpp-coveralls using pacman on Arch Linux
    Install cpp-coveralls using pip on Arch Linux
    Install cpp-coveralls in pre.sh on Arch Linux
    Install required Python modules in pre.sh on Arch Linux
    Do not upgrade pip on Arch Linux, go back to using pip.txt
    Drop DEBUG_PRINT from source generated by pic_bits.sh
    Do not run apt-get update as a second time on Debians systems
    The lost PIC tests need to invoke gcc with -fno-PIC
    Update the OpenSUSE Tumbleweed files, but disable it anyway
    Define inspection_ignores in struct rpminspect
    Clean up the config file section reading code
    Add add_ignore() to init.c
    Fix fetch only mode download directory
    Stub out libcurl download progress callback function
    Perform symbolic owner and group matching in ownership (#364)
    Restrict download_progress() to systems with CURLOPT_XFERINFOFUNCTION
    Read per-inspection ignore lists from the config file.
    Add commented out per-inspection ignore blocks
    Implement per-inspection path ignore support (#351)
    Report annocheck failures correctly in librpminspect.
    Note all regular expression settings use regex(7) syntax
    Allow size_threshold: info in the config file (#261)
    Check ignore list in files for path prefixes to ignore (#360)
    Support a list of expected empty RPMs in the config file (#355)
    Call mparse_reset() before mparse_readfd()
    Do not crash with the -c option specifies a non-existent file
    Update TODO list
    Make sure brp-compress is disabled in test_manpage.py
    Require/Recommend /usr/bin/annocheck
    Note size_threshold can be the keyword info
    Ensure ctxt->lastError.message is not NULL before strdup (#382)
    Handle corrupt compressed files in changedfiles (#382)
    Disable debugging output for the ignore lists in init.c
    Drop debugging output in the xml inspection
    Remove what working directories we can
    Correctly find icons for desktop files in subpackages (#367)
    Followup to the Icon= check in the desktop inspection (#367)
    BuildRequires libmandoc-devel >= 1.14.5
    Manually install mandoc on centos7 for now
    Signed-off-by: David Cantrell <dcantrell@redhat.com>
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