#9 Update removal of patches for bundled libraries.
Merged 2 months ago by mtasaka. Opened 2 months ago by jackorp.
rpms/ jackorp/rubygem-nokogiri rawhide  into  rawhide

file modified
+4 -1
@@ -93,8 +93,11 @@ 

  # remove bundled external libraries

  sed -i \

  	-e 's|, "ports/archives/[^"][^"]*"||g' \

- 	-e 's|, "ports/patches/[^"][^"]*"||g' \

+ 	-e 's|, "patches/[^"][^"]*"||g' \


+ # Make sure gem build will complain later if the previous regex is not enough.

+ rm -rf ports patches


  # Actually not needed when using system libraries

  sed -i -e '\@mini_portile@d' %{gem_name}-%{version}.gemspec


Split into 2 commits. 1) fix the sed, 2) rm -r the directories. If ports/ or patches/ change places, it should complain, sed should be updated again in this case.

Feel free to cherry pick any number of commits.

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2 months ago