#3 Remove backup file in %check and avoid unnecessary reversal
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@@ -155,15 +155,13 @@ 

  # - and this causes some test errors on rspec-core.

  # fixing this error without modifying rspec-core "code" is very hard,

  # once modifying source itself.

- sed -i.warn lib/rspec/core/configuration_options.rb \

+ sed -i lib/rspec/core/configuration_options.rb \

  	-e '\@because the HOME environment variable is not set@s|RSpec\.warning|#RSpec.warning|'


  ruby -rrubygems -Ilib/ -S exe/rspec || \

  	ruby -rrubygems -Ilib/ -S exe/rspec --tag ~broken



- mv lib/rspec/core/configuration_options.rb{.warn,}



  %dir	%{gem_instdir}


(1) If %need_bootstrap_set is set then the file won't exist and build will fail due to following mv command.
(2) In %check everything is installed and there's no need to revert changes.