Safekeep is designed such that the same script can be used on both the backup server (which initiates backups from clients), as well as on individual clients to handle client specific tasks such as dedicated ssh key generation and client-side backup processes such as dump. As a result, on Fedora safekeep is packaged in such a way that Fedora clients which want to communicate with a safekeep managed backup server can choose to install the safekeep-client subpackage to ensure correct safekeep client configuration. This safekeep-client subpackage does not itself install any additional files at this time. But it does ensure that the correct client side applications are in place for safekeep managed backup services. It is recommended that all computers acting as safekeep clients install the safekeep-client subpackage, even though at this time it is technically optional if the necessary components such as an ssh server, coreutils and util-linux are installed correctly on the client Fedora system. In future version of safekeep the safekeep-client package may become necessary for correct client operation.