#23 Disable gold linker on RISC-V
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Disable gold linker on RISC-V
David Abdurachmanov • 2 years ago  
file modified
+7 -1
@@ -1107,9 +1107,12 @@ 

  # TODO: resolve underlinked python modules

  export python_LDFLAGS="$(echo %{__global_ldflags} | sed -e 's/-Wl,-z,defs//g')"


- # Use the gold linker

+ # Use the gold linker, except RISC-V (riscv64), which does not have gold

  # See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2043178 ; For f36 do not use ld.gold till it is fixed

  #export LDFLAGS="%%{__global_ldflags} -fuse-ld=gold"

+ %ifnarch riscv64

+ #export LDFLAGS="%{__global_ldflags} -fuse-ld=gold"

+ %endif


  %configure \

          --enable-fhs \
@@ -4422,6 +4425,9 @@ 

  - Use make macros



+ * Thu Jul 16 2020 David Abdurachmanov <david.abdurachmanvo@sifive.com> - 4.13.0rc1-1.0.riscv64

+ - Add support for riscv64


  * Tue Jul 14 2020 Andreas Schneider <asn@redhat.com> - 4.13.0rc1-1

  - Move mdssvc data files to correct package


Signed-off-by: Nianqing Yao imbearchild@outlook.com and David Abdurachmanov david.abdurachmanvo@sifive.com

Co-authored-by: Nianqing Yao imbearchild@outlook.com

It already is disabled, the line is commented out.

It already is disabled, the line is commented out.

Yes, but for different reasons. There is no gold linker for RISC-V. So I just move the patch from sifive to here, in case that the bug of gold linker is fixed, and someone just simply enable it without exception for RISC-V .

The plan is to move to ld.mold as soon as possible.

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