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This file is meant as README for Fedora specific changes for sane-backends

SANE daemon is moved to subpackage
sane-backends daemon - saned - its manual page and systemd unit files are moved
into subpackage named sane-backends-daemon. It was done because daemon provides
access to scanning devices on remote server, which nowadays isn't common 
usage of sane-backends, so it wasn't necessary to ship it with main package.

Several scanners need proprietary driver for working
Several scanners (e.g. Samsung, Brother, Epson) sometimes need special backends,
whose isn't shipped with sane-backends or cannot be shipped in Fedora because of
licensing problem. If your scanner isn't working with basic sane-backends:

1) if your scanner is Epson, try to install iscan-firmware package or Image Scan from Epson official site
2) if your scanner is Samsung, try to find driver on
3) if your scanner is Brother, see

Ad2) Samsung proprietary driver is needed when user needs JPEG compression - this
feature support was added to sane-backends upstream by commit 926bfade544de4a4fd5,
which contained patches from Samsung. But this commit broke scanning for Samsung
scanners, so this patch was reverted with consequences of losing JPEG compression 
feature for Samsung scanners.