6caf3c - Don't use %makeinstall, instead make install.

Authored and Committed by jkeating 13 years ago
1 file changed. 26 lines added. 9 lines removed.
    - Don't use %makeinstall, instead make install.
    - Change DDESTDIR to DESTDIR to do the right thing.
    - Comment out utf patch as it is no longer necessary.
    - Add dist tag
    - Change PreReq to correct Requires(pre), Requires(post), Requires(preun)
    - Don't use RPM_SOURCE_DIR, reference the source file directly
    - Do the compiling (make) in %build, not %install
    - Don't replace /etc/screenrc if the user has modified it
    - Ditto /etc/pam.d/screen
    - Change the buildroot to follow guidelines
file modified
+26 -9