Blob Blame History Raw
- Unconditional staff and user oidentd home config access from Dominick Grift.
- Conditional mmap_zero support from Dominick Grift.
- Added devtmpfs support.
- Dbadm updates from KaiGai Kohei.
- Virtio disk file context update from Mika Pfluger.
- Increase bindreservport range to 512-1024 in corenetwork, from Dan Walsh.
- Add JIT usage for freshclam.
- Remove ethereal module since the application was renamed to wireshark.
- Remove duplicate/redundant rules, from Russell Coker.
- Increased default number of categories to 1024, from Russell Coker.
- Added modules:
	accountsd (Dan Walsh)
	cgroup (Dominick Grift)
	kdumpgui (Dan Walsh)
	livecd (Dan Walsh)
	mojomojo (Lain Arnell)
	sambagui (Dan Walsh)
	shutdown (Dan Walsh)

* Mon May 24 2010 Chris PeBenito <> - 2.20100524
- Merged a significant portion of Fedora policy.
- Move rules from mta mailserver delivery from interface to .te to use
- Remove concept of users from terminal module interfaces since the
  attributes are not specific to users.
- Add non-drawing X client support, for consolekit usage.
- Misc Gentoo fixes from Chris Richards.
- AFS and abrt fixes from Dominick Grift.
- Improved the XML docs of 55 most-used interfaces.
- Apcupsd and amavis fixes from Dominick Grift.
- Fix network_port() in corenetwork to correctly handle port ranges.
- SE-Postgresql updates from KaiGai Kohei.
- X object manager revisions from Eamon Walsh.
- Added modules:
	aisexec (Dan Walsh)
	chronyd (Miroslav Grepl)
	cobbler (Dominick Grift)
	corosync (Dan Walsh)
	dbadm (KaiGai Kohei)
	denyhosts (Dan Walsh)
	nut (Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus, Miroslav Grepl)
	likewise (Scott Salley)
	plymouthd (Dan Walsh)
	pyicqt (Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus)
	rhcs (Dan Walsh)
	rgmanager (Dan Walsh)
	sectoolm (Miroslav Grepl)
	usbmuxd (Dan Walsh)
	vhostmd (Dan Walsh)

* Tue Nov 17 2009 Chris PeBenito <> - 2.20091117
- Add separate x_pointer and x_keyboard classes inheriting from x_device. 
  From Eamon Walsh.
- Deprecated the userdom_xwindows_client_template().
- Misc Gentoo fixes from Corentin Labbe.
- Debian policykit fixes from Martin Orr.
- Fix unconfined_r use of unconfined_java_t.
- Add missing x_device rules for XI2 functions, from Eamon Walsh.
- Add missing rules to make unconfined_cronjob_t a valid cron job domain.
- Add btrfs and ext4 to labeling targets.
- Fix infrastructure to expand macros in initrc_context when installing.
- Handle unix_chkpwd usage by useradd and groupadd.
- Add missing compatibility aliases for xdm_xserver*_t types.
- Added modules:
	abrt (Dan Walsh)
	dkim (Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus)
	gitosis (Miroslav Grepl)
	gnomeclock (Dan Walsh)
	hddtemp (Dan Walsh)
	kdump (Dan Walsh)
	modemmanager(Dan Walsh)
	nslcd (Dan Walsh)
	puppet (Craig Grube)
	rtkit (Dan Walsh)
	seunshare (Dan Walsh)
	shorewall (Dan Walsh)
	tgtd (Matthew Ife)
	tuned (Miroslav Grepl)
	xscreensaver (Corentin Labbe)

* Thu Jul 30 2009 Chris PeBenito <> - 2.20090730
- Gentoo fixes for init scripts and system startup.
- Remove read_default_t tunable.
- Greylist milter from Paul Howarth.
- Crack db access for su to handle password expiration, from Brandon Whalen.
- Misc fixes for unix_update from Brandon Whalen.
- Add x_device permissions for XI2 functions, from Eamon Walsh.
- MLS constraints for the x_selection class, from Eamon Walsh.
- Postgresql updates from KaiGai Kohei.
- Milter state directory patch from Paul Howarth.
- Add MLS constrains for ingress/egress and secmark from Paul Moore.
- Drop write permission from fs_read_rpc_sockets().
- Remove unused udev_runtime_t type.
- Patch for RadSec port from Glen Turner.
- Enable network_peer_controls policy capability from Paul Moore.
- Btrfs xattr support from Paul Moore.
- Add db_procedure install permission from KaiGai Kohei.
- Add support for network interfaces with access controlled by a Boolean
  from the CLIP project.
- Several fixes from the CLIP project.
- Add support for labeled Booleans.
- Remove node definitions and change node usage to generic nodes.
- Add kernel_service access vectors, from Stephen Smalley.
- Added modules:
	certmaster (Dan Walsh)
	cpufreqselector (Dan Walsh)
	devicekit (Dan Walsh)
	fprintd (Dan Walsh)
	git (Dan Walsh)
	gpsd (Miroslav Grepl)
	guest (Dan Walsh)
	ifplugd (Dan Walsh)
	lircd (Miroslav Grepl)
	logadm (Dan Walsh)
	pads (Dan Walsh)
	pingd (Dan Walsh)
	policykit (Dan Walsh)
	pulseaudio (Dan Walsh)
	psad (Dan Walsh)
	portreserve (Dan Walsh)
	sssd (Dan Walsh)
	ulogd (Dan Walsh)
	varnishd (Dan Walsh)
	webadm (Dan Walsh)
	wm (Dan Walsh)
	xguest (Dan Walsh)
	zosremote (Dan Walsh)

* Wed Dec 10 2008 Chris PeBenito <> - 2.20081210
- Fix consistency of audioentropy and iscsi module naming.
- Debian file context fix for xen from Russell Coker.
- Xserver MLS fix from Eamon Walsh.
- Add omapi port for dhcpcd.
- Deprecate per-role templates and rolemap support.
- Implement user-based access control for use as role separations.
- Move shared library calls from individual modules to the domain module.
- Enable open permission checks policy capability.
- Remove hierarchy from portage module as it is not a good example of
- Remove enableaudit target from modular build as semodule -DB supplants it.
- Added modules:
	milter (Paul Howarth)

* Tue Oct 14 2008 Chris PeBenito <> - 20081014
- Debian update for NetworkManager/wpa_supplicant from Martin Orr.
- Logrotate and Bind updates from Vaclav Ovsik.
- Init script file and domain support.
- Glibc 2.7 fix from Vaclav Ovsik.
- Samba/winbind update from Mike Edenfield.
- Policy size optimization with a non-security file attribute from James
- Database labeled networking update from KaiGai Kohei.
- Several misc changes from the Fedora policy, cherry picked by David
- Large whitespace fix from Dominick Grift.
- Pam_mount fix for local login from Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus.
- Issuing commands to upstart is over a datagram socket, not the initctl
  named pipe.  Updated init_telinit() to match.
- Added modules:
	cyphesis (Dan Walsh)
	memcached (Dan Walsh)
	oident (Dominick Grift)
	w3c (Dan Walsh)

* Wed Jul 02 2008 Chris PeBenito <> - 20080702
- Fix httpd_enable_homedirs to actually provide the access it is supposed to
- Add unused interface/template parameter metadata in XML.
- Patch to handle postfix data_directory from Vaclav Ovsik.
- SE-Postgresql policy from KaiGai Kohei.
- Patch for dbus support from Martin Orr.
- Patch for labeled networking controls in 2.6.25 from Paul Moore.
- Module loading now requires setsched on kernel threads.
- Patch to allow gpg agent --write-env-file option from Vaclav Ovsik.
- X application data class from Eamon Walsh and Ted Toth.
- Move user roles into individual modules.
- Make hald_log_t a log file.
- Cryptsetup runs shell scripts.  Patch from Martin Orr.
- Add file for enabling policy capabilities.
- Patch to fix leaky interface/template call depth calculator from Vaclav
- Added modules:
	kerneloops (Dan Walsh)
	kismet (Dan Walsh)
	podsleuth (Dan Walsh)
	prelude (Dan Walsh)
	qemu (Dan Walsh)
	virt (Dan Walsh)

* Wed Apr 02 2008 Chris PeBenito <> - 20080402
- Add core Security Enhanced X Windows support.
- Fix winbind socket connection interface for default location of the
- Add wireshark module based on ethereal module.
- Revise upstart support in init module to use a tunable, as upstart is now
  used in Fedora too.
- Add iferror.m4 rather generate it out of the Makefiles.
- Definitions for open permisson on file and similar objects from Eric
- Apt updates for ptys and logs, from Martin Orr.
- RPC update from Vaclav Ovsik.
- Exim updates on Debian from Devin Carrawy.
- Pam and samba updates from Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus.
- Backup update on Debian from Vaclav Ovsik.
- Cracklib update on Debian from Vaclav Ovsik.
- Label /proc/kallsyms with system_map_t.
- 64-bit capabilities from Stephen Smalley.
- Labeled networking peer object class updates.

* Fri Dec 14 2007 Chris PeBenito <> - 20071214
- Patch for debian logrotate to handle syslogd-listfiles, from Vaclav Ovsik.
- Improve several tunables descriptions from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to clean up ns switch usage in the policy from Dan Walsh.
- More complete labeled networking infrastructure from KaiGai Kohei.
- Add interface for libselinux constructor, for libselinux-linked
  SELinux-enabled programs.
- Patch to restructure user role templates to create restricted user roles
  from Dan Walsh.
- Russian man page translations from Andrey Markelov.
- Remove unused types from dbus.
- Add infrastructure for managing all user web content.
- Deprecate some old file and dir permission set macros in favor of the
  newer, more consistently-named macros.
- Patch to clean up unescaped periods in several file context entries from
  Jan-Frode Myklebust.
- Merge shlib_t into lib_t.
- Merge strict and targeted policies.  The policy will now behave like the
  strict policy if the unconfined module is not present.  If it is, it will
  behave like the targeted policy.  Added an unconfined role to have a mix
  of confined and unconfined users.
- Added modules:
	exim (Dan Walsh)
	postfixpolicyd (Jan-Frode Myklebust)

* Fri Sep 28 2007 Chris PeBenito <> - 20070928
- Add support for setting the unknown permissions handling.
- Fix XML building for external reference builds and headers builds.
- Patch to add missing requirements in userdomain interfaces from Shintaro
- Add tcpd_wrapped_domain() for services that use tcp wrappers.
- Update MLS constraints from LSPP evaluated policy.
- Allow initrc_t file descriptors to be inherited regardless of MLS level.
  Accordingly drop MLS permissions from daemons that inherit from any level.
- Files and radvd updates from Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus.
- Deprecate mls_file_write_down() and mls_file_read_up(), replaced with
  mls_write_all_levels() and mls_read_all_levels(), for consistency.
- Add make kernel and init ranged interfaces pass the range transition MLS
  constraints.  Also remove calls to mls_rangetrans_target() in modules that use
  the kernel and init interfaces, since its redundant.
- Add interfaces for all MLS attributes except X object classes.
- Require all sensitivities and categories for MLS and MCS policies, not just
  the low and high sensitivity and category.
- Database userspace object manager classes from KaiGai Kohei.
- Add third-party interface for Apache CGI.
- Add getserv and shmemserv nscd permissions.
- Add debian apcupsd binary location, from Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus.
- Added modules:
	awstats (Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus)
	bitlbee (Devin Carraway)
	brctl (Dan Walsh)

* Fri Jun 29 2007 Chris PeBenito <> - 20070629
- Fix incorrectly named files_lib_filetrans_shared_lib() interface in the
  libraries module.
- Unified labeled networking policy from Paul Moore.
- Use netmsg initial SID for MLS-only Netlabel packets, from Paul Moore.
- Xen updates from Dan Walsh.
- Filesystem updates from Dan Walsh.
- Large samba update from Dan Walsh.
- Drop snmpd_etc_t.
- Confine sendmail and logrotate on targeted.
- Tunable connection to postgresql for users from KaiGai Kohei.
- Memprotect support patch from Stephen Smalley.
- Add logging_send_audit_msgs() interface and deprecate
- Openct updates patch from Dan Walsh.
- Merge restorecon into setfiles.
- Patch to begin separating out hald helper programs from Dan Walsh.
- Fixes for squid, dovecot, and snmp from Dan Walsh.
- Miscellaneous consolekit fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to have avahi use the nsswitch interface rather than individual
  permissions from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to dontaudit logrotate searching avahi pid directory from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to allow insmod to mount kvmfs and dontaudit rw unconfined_t pipes
  to handle usage from userhelper from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to allow amavis to read spamassassin libraries from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to allow slocate to getattr other filesystems and directories on those
  filesystems from Dan Walsh.
- Fixes for RHEL4 from the CLIP project.
- Replace the old lrrd fc entries with munin ones.
- Move program admin template usage out of userdom_admin_user_template() to
  sysadm policy in userdomain.te to fix usage of the template for third
- Fix clockspeed_run_cli() declaration, it was incorrectly defined as a
  template instead of an interface.
- Added modules:
	amtu (Dan Walsh)
	apcupsd (Dan Walsh)
	rpcbind (Dan Walsh)
	rwho (Nalin Dahyabhai)

* Tue Apr 17 2007 Chris PeBenito <> - 20070417
- Patch for sasl's use of kerberos from Dan Walsh.
- Patches to confine ldconfig, udev, and insmod in the targeted policy from Dan Walsh.
- Man page updates from Dan Walsh.
- Two patches from Paul Moore to for ipsec to remove redundant rules and
  have setkey read the config file.
- Move booleans and tunables to modules when it is only used in a single
- Add support for tunables and booleans local to a module.
- Merge sbin_t and ls_exec_t into bin_t.
- Remove disable_trans booleans.
- Output different header sets for kernel and userland from flask headers.
- Marked the pax class as deprecated, changed it to userland so
  it will be removed from the kernel.
- Stop including netfilter contexts by default.
- Add dontaudits for init fds and console to init_daemon_domain().
- Patch to allow gpg to create user keys dir.
- Patch to support kvmfs from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for misc fixes in sudo from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to fix netlabel recvfrom MLS constraint from Paul Moore.
- Patch for handling restart of nscd when ran from useradd, groupadd, and
  admin passwd, from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for procmail, spamassassin, and pyzor updates from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for setroubleshoot for validating file contexts from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for gssd fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for lvm fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for ricci fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for postfix lmtp labeling and pickup rule fix from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for kerberized telnet fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for kerberized ftp and other ftp fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for an additional wine executable from Dan Walsh.
- Eight patches for file contexts in games, wine, networkmanager, miscfiles,
  corecommands, devices, and java from Dan Walsh.
- Add support for libselinux 2.0.5 init_selinuxmnt() changes.
- Patch for misc fixes to bluetooth from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for misc fixes to kerberos from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to start deprecating usercanread attribute from Ryan Bradetich.
- Add dccp_socket object class which was added in kernel 2.6.20.
- Patch for prelink relabefrom it's temp files from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for capability fix for auditd and networking fix for syslogd from
  Dan Walsh.
- Patch to remove redundant mls_trusted_object() call from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for misc fixes to nis ypxfr policy from Dan Walsh.
- Patch to allow apmd to telinit from Dan Walsh.
- Patch for additional labeling of samba files from Stefan Schulze
- Patch to remove incorrect cron labeling in apache.fc from Ryan Bradetich.
- Fix ptys and ttys to be device nodes.
- Fix explicit use of httpd_t in openca_domtrans().
- Clean up file context regexes in apache and java, from Eamon Walsh.
- Patches from Dan Walsh:
	Thu, 25 Jan 2007
- Added modules:
	consolekit (Dan Walsh)
	fail2ban (Dan Walsh)
	zabbix (Dan Walsh)

* Tue Dec 12 2006 Chris PeBenito <> - 20061212
- Add policy patterns support macros.  This changes the behavior of
  the create_dir_perms and create_file_perms permission sets.
- Association polmatch MLS constraint making unlabeled_t an exception
  is no longer needed, patch from Venkat Yekkirala.
- Context contains checking for PAM and cron from James Antill.
- Add a reload target to Modules.devel and change the load
  target to only insert modules that were changed.
- Allow semanage to read from /root on strict non-MLS for
  local policy modules.
- Gentoo init script fixes for udev.
- Allow udev to read kernel modules.inputmap.
- Dnsmasq fixes from testing.
- Allow kernel NFS server to getattr filesystems so df can work
  on clients.
- Patch from Matt Anderson for a MLS constraint exemption on a
  file that can be written to from a subject whose range is
  within the object's range.
- Enhanced setransd support from Darrel Goeddel.
- Patches from Dan Walsh:
	Tue, 24 Oct 2006
	Wed, 29 Nov 2006
- Added modules:
	aide (Matt Anderson)
	ccs (Dan Walsh)
	iscsi (Dan Walsh)
	ricci (Dan Walsh)

* Wed Oct 18 2006 Chris PeBenito <> - 20061018
- Patch from Russell Coker Thu, 5 Oct 2006
- Move range transitions to modules.
- Make number of MLS sensitivities, and number of MLS and MCS
  categories configurable as build options.
- Add role infrastructure.
- Debian updates from Erich Schubert.
- Add nscd_socket_use() to auth_use_nsswitch().
- Remove old selopt rules.
- Full support for netfilter_contexts.
- MRTG patch for daemon operation from Stefan.
- Add authlogin interface to abstract common access for login programs.
- Remove setbool auditallow, except for RHEL4.
- Change eventpollfs to task SID labeling.
- Add key support from Michael LeMay.
- Add ftpdctl domain to ftp, from Paul Howarth.
- Fix build system to not move type declarations out of optionals.
- Add gcc-config domain to portage.
- Add packet object class and support in corenetwork.
- Add a copy of genhomedircon for monolithic policy building, so that a
  policycoreutils package update is not required for RHEL4 systems.
- Add appletalk sockets for use in cups.
- Add Make target to validate module linking.
- Make duplicate template and interface declarations a fatal error.
- Patch to stabilize modules.conf `make conf` output, from Erich Schubert.
- Move xconsole_device_t from devices to xserver since it is
  not actually a device, it is a named pipe.
- Handle nonexistant .fc and .if files in devel Makefile by
  automatically creating empty files.
- Remove unused devfs_control_t.
- Add rhel4 distro, which also implies redhat distro.
- Remove unneeded range_transition for su_exec_t and move the
  type declaration back to the su module.
- Constrain transitions in MCS so unconfined_t cannot have
  arbitrary category sets.
- Change reiserfs from xattr filesystem to genfscon as it's xattrs
  are currently nonfunctional.
- Change files and filesystem modules to use their own interfaces.
- Add user fonts to xserver.
- Additional interfaces in corecommands, miscfiles, and userdomain
  from Joy Latten.
- Miscellaneous fixes from Thomas Bleher.
- Deprecate module name as first parameter of optional_policy()
  now that optionals are allowed everywhere.
- Enable optional blocks in base module and monolithic policy.
  This requires checkpolicy 1.30.1.
- Fix vpn module declaration.
- Numerous fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Change build order to preserve m4 line number information so policy
  compile errors are useful again.
- Additional MLS interfaces from Chad Hanson.
- Move some rules out of domain_type() and domain_base_type()
  to the TE file, to use the domain attribute to take advantage
  of space savings from attribute use.
- Add global stack smashing protector rule for urandom access from
  Petre Rodan.
- Fix temporary rules at the bottom of portmap.
- Updated comments in mls file from Chad Hanson.
- Patches from Dan Walsh:
	Fri, 17 Mar 2006
	Wed, 29 Mar 2006
	Tue, 11 Apr 2006
	Fri, 14 Apr 2006
	Tue, 18 Apr 2006
	Thu, 20 Apr 2006
	Tue, 02 May 2006
	Mon, 15 May 2006
	Thu, 18 May 2006
	Tue, 06 Jun 2006
	Mon, 12 Jun 2006
	Tue, 20 Jun 2006
	Wed, 26 Jul 2006
	Wed, 23 Aug 2006
	Thu, 31 Aug 2006
	Fri, 01 Sep 2006
	Tue, 05 Sep 2006
	Wed, 20 Sep 2006
	Fri, 22 Sep 2006
	Mon, 25 Sep 2006
- Added modules:
	amavis (Erich Schubert)
	apt (Erich Schubert)
	clamav (Erich Schubert)
	clockspeed (Petre Rodan)
	dpkg (Erich Schubert)
	gnome (James Carter)
	netlabel (Paul Moore)
	oddjob (Dan Walsh)
	openvpn (Petre Rodan)
	pyzor (Dan Walsh)
	qmail (Petre Rodan)
	tor (Erich Schubert)
	xen (Dan Walsh)

* Tue Mar 07 2006 Chris PeBenito <> - 20060307
- Make all interface parameters required.
- Move boot_t, system_map_t, and modules_object_t to files module,
  and move bootloader to admin layer.
- Add semanage policy for semodule from Dan Walsh.
- Remove allow_execmem from targeted policy domain_base_type().
- Add users_extra and seusers support.
- Postfix fixes from Serge Hallyn.
- Run python and shell directly to interpret scripts so policy
  sources need not be executable.
- Add desc tag XML to booleans and tunables, and add summary
  to param XML tag, to make future translations possible.
- Remove unused lvm_vg_t.
- Many interface renames to improve naming consistency.
- Merge xdm into xserver.
- Remove kernel module reversed interfaces.
- Add filename attribute to module XML tag and lineno attribute to
  interface XML tag.
- Changed QUIET build option to a yes or no option.
- Add a Makefile used for compiling loadable modules in a
  user's development environment, building against policy headers.
- Add Make target for installing policy headers.
- Separate per-userdomain template expansion from the userdomain
  module and add infrastructure to expand templates in the modules
  that own the template.
- Enable secadm only for MLS policies.
- Remove role change rules in su and sudo since this functionality has been
  removed from these programs.
- Add ctags Make target from Thomas Bleher.
- Collapse commands with grep piped to sed into one sed command.
- Fix type_change bug in term_user_pty().
- Move ice_tmp_t from miscfiles to xserver.
- Login fixes from Serge Hallyn.
- Move xserver_log_t from xdm to xserver.
- Add lpr per-userdomain policy to lpd.
- Miscellaneous fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Change initrc_var_run_t interface noun from script_pid to utmp,
  for greater clarity.
- Added modules:
	mono (Dan Walsh)
	wine (Dan Walsh)

* Tue Jan 17 2006 Chris PeBenito <> - 20060117
- Adds support for generating corenetwork interfaces based on attributes 
  in addition to types.
- Permits the listing of multiple nodes in a network_node() that will be
  given the same type.
- Add two new permission sets for stream sockets.
- Rename file type transition interfaces verb from create to
  filetrans to differentiate it from create interfaces without
  type transitions.
- Fix expansion of interfaces from disabled modules.
- Rsync can be long running from init,
  added rules to allow this.
- Add polyinstantiation build option.
- Add setcontext to the association object class.
- Add apache relay and db connect tunables.
- Rename texrel_shlib_t to textrel_shlib_t.
- Add swat to samba module.
- Numerous miscellaneous fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Added modules:
	daemontools (Petre Rodan)
	djbdns (Petre Rodan)
	logwatch (Dan Walsh)
	prelink (Dan Walsh)
	publicfile (Petre Rodan)
	slocate (Dan Walsh)
	ucspitcp (Petre Rodan)
	vbetool (Dan Walsh)

* Wed Dec 07 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20051207
- Add unlabeled IPSEC association rule to domains with
  networking permissions.
- Merge systemuser back in to users, as these files
  do not need to be split.
- Add check for duplicate interface/template definitions.
- Move domain, files, and corecommands modules to kernel
  layer to resolve some layering inconsistencies.
- Move policy build options out of Makefile into build.conf.
- Add yppasswd to nis module.
- Change optional_policy() to refer to the module name
  rather than modulename.te.
- Fix labeling targets to use installed file_contexts rather
  than partial file_contexts in the policy source directory.
- Fix build process to use make's internal vpath functions
  to detect modules rather than using subshells and find.
- Add install target for modular policy.
- Add load target for modular policy.
- Add appconfig dependency to the load target.
- Miscellaneous fixes from Dan Walsh.
- Fix corenetwork gen_context()'s to expand during the policy
  build phase instead of during the generation phase.  
- Added policies:

* Wed Oct 19 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20051019
- Many fixes to make loadable modules build.
- Add targets for sechecker.
- Updated to sedoctool to read bool files and tunable
  files separately.
- Changed the xml tag of <boolean> to <bool> to be consistent
  with gen_bool().
- Modified the implementation of segenxml to use regular
- Rename context_template() to gen_context() to clarify
  that its not a Reference Policy template, but a support
- Add disable_*_trans bool support for targeted policy.
- Add MLS module to handle MLS constraint exceptions,
  such as reading up and writing down.
- Fix errors uncovered by sediff.
- Added policies:

* Thu Sep 22 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20050922
- Make logrotate, sendmail, sshd, and rpm policies
  unconfined in the targeted policy so no special
  modules.conf is required.
- Add experimental MCS support.
- Add appconfig for MLS.
- Add equivalents for old can_resolve(), can_ldap(), and
  can_portmap() to sysnetwork.
- Fix base module compile issues.
- Added policies:

* Wed Sep 07 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20050907
- Fix errors uncovered by sediff.
- Doc tool will explicitly say a module does not have interfaces
  or templates on the module page.
- Added policies:

* Fri Aug 26 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20050826
- Add Makefile support for building loadable modules.
- Add tool to add require blocks
  for loadable modules.
- Change sedoctool to make required modules part of base
  by default, otherwise make as modules, in modules.conf.
- Fix segenxml to handle modules with no interfaces.
- Rename ipsec connect interface for consistency.
- Add missing parts of unix stream socket connect interface
  of ipsec.
- Rename inetd connect interface for consistency.
- Rename interface for purging contents of tmp, for clarity,
  since it allows deletion of classes other than file.
- Misc. cleanups.
- Added policies:

* Tue Aug 2 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20050802
- Fix comparison bug in fc_sort.
- Fix handling of ordered and unordered HTML lists.
- Corenetwork now supports multiple network interfaces having the
  same type.
- Doc tool now creates pages for global Booleans and global tunables.
- Doc tool now links directly to the interface/template in the
  module page when it is selected in the interface/template index.
- Added support for layer summaries.
- Added policies:

* Thu Jul 7 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20050707
- Changed xml to have modules encapsulated by layer tags, rather
  than putting layer="foo" in the module tags.  Also in the future
  we can put a summary and description for each layer.
- Added tool to infer interface, module, and layer tags.  This will
  now list all interfaces, even if they are missing xml docs.
- Shortened xml tag names.
- Added macros to declare interfaces and templates.
- Added interface call trace.
- Updated all xml documentation for shorter and inferred tags.
- Doc tool now displays templates in the web pages.
- Doc tool retains the user's settings in modules.conf and
  tunables.conf if the files already exist.
- Modules.conf behavior has been changed to be a list of all
  available modules, and the user can specify if the module is
  built as a loadable module, included in the monolithic policy,
  or excluded.
- Added policies:
	fstools (fsck, mkfs, swapon, etc. tools)
	nis (ypbind and ypserv)
	ssh (server, client, and agent)
- Added infrastructure for targeted policy support, only missing
	transition boolean support.

* Wed Jun 15 2005 Chris PeBenito <> - 20050615
	- Initial release