034b0e7 - Fix labeling for /usr/libexec/kde4/kcmdatetimehelper

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Fix labeling for /usr/libexec/kde4/kcmdatetimehelper
    - Allow tuned to search all file system directories
    - Allow alsa_t to sys_nice, to get top performance for sound management
    - Add support for MySQL/PostgreSQL for amavis
    - Allow openvpn_t to manage openvpn_var_log_t files.
    - Allow dirsrv_t to create tmpfs_t directories
    - Allow dirsrv to create dirs in /dev/shm with dirsrv_tmpfs label
    - Dontaudit leaked unix_stream_sockets into gnome keyring
    - Allow telepathy domains to inhibit pipes on telepathy domains
    - Allow cloud-init to domtrans to rpm
    - Allow abrt daemon to manage abrt-watch tmp files
    - Allow abrt-upload-watcher to search /var/spool directory
    - Allow nsswitch domains to manage own process key
    - Fix labeling for mgetty.* logs
    - Allow systemd to dbus chat with upower
    - Allow ipsec to send signull to itself
    - Allow setgid cap for ipsec_t
    - Match upstream labeling
file modified
+562 -521
file modified
+169 -120
file modified
+21 -1