06d9a8b - Allow sysadm_t to read login information

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Allow sysadm_t to read login information
    - Allow systemd_tmpfiles to setattr on var_log_t directories
    - Udpdate Makefile to include systemd_contexts
    - Add systemd_contexts
    - Add fs_exec_hugetlbfs_files() interface
    - Add daemons_enable_cluster_mode boolean
    - Fix rsync_filetrans_named_content()
    - Add rhcs_read_cluster_pid_files() interface
    - Update rhcs.if with additional interfaces from RHEL6
    - Fix rhcs_domain_template() to not create run dirs with cluster_var_run_t
    - Allow glusterd_t to mounton glusterd_tmp_t
    - Allow glusterd to unmout al filesystems
    - Allow xenstored to read virt config
    - Add label for swift_server.lock and make add filetrans_named_content to make sure content gets created with the correct lab
    - Allow mozilla_plugin_t to mmap hugepages as an executable
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+224 -132
file modified
+197 -144
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+19 -2