183fa4d - Add auth_exec_chkpwd interface

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Add auth_exec_chkpwd interface
    - Fix port definition for ctdb ports
    - Allow systemd domains to read /dev/urand
    - Dontaudit attempts for mozilla_plugin to append to /dev/random
    - Add label for /var/run/charon.*
    - Add labeling for /usr/lib/systemd/system/lvm2.*dd policy for motion servi
    - Fix for nagios_services plugins
    - Fix some bugs in zoneminder policy
    - add type defintion for ctdbd_var_t
    - Add support for /var/ctdb. Allow ctdb block_suspend and read /etc/passwd
    - Allow net_admin/netlink_socket all hyperv_domain domains
    - Add labeling for zarafa-search.log and zarafa-search.pid
    - glusterd binds to random unreserved ports
    - Additional allow rules found by testing glusterfs
    - apcupsd needs to send a message to all users on the system so needs to lo
    - Fix the label on ~/.juniper_networks
    - Dontaudit attempts for mozilla_plugin to append to /dev/random
    - Allow polipo_daemon to connect to flash ports
    - Allow gssproxy_t to create replay caches
    - Fix nscd_shm_use()
    - Add initial policy for /usr/sbin/hypervvssd in hypervkvp policy which sho
    - Add hypervkvp_unit_file_t type
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