19c9a7 * Fri Apr 27 2018 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec@redhat.com> - 3.14.2-14

Authored and Committed by lvrabec 2 years ago
    * Fri Apr 27 2018 Lukas Vrabec <lvrabec@redhat.com> - 3.14.2-14
    - Add dac_override capability to mailman_mail_t domain
    - Add dac_override capability to radvd_t domain
    - Update openvswitch policy
    - Add dac_override capability to oddjob_homedir_t domain
    - Allow slapd_t domain to mmap slapd_var_run_t files
    - Rename tang policy to tangd
    - Allow virtd_t domain to relabel virt_var_lib_t files
    - Allow logrotate_t domain to stop services via systemd
    - Add tang policy
    - Allow mozilla_plugin_t to create mozilla.pdf file in user homedir with label mozilla_home_t
    - Allow snapperd_t daemon to create unlabeled dirs.
    - Make httpd_var_run_t mountpoint
    - Allow hsqldb_t domain to mmap own temp files
    - We have inconsistency in cgi templates with upstream, we use _content_t, but refpolicy use httpd__content_t. Created aliasses to make it consistence
    - Allow Openvswitch adding netdev bridge ovs FDP
    - Add new Boolean tomcat_use_execmem
    - Allow nfsd_t domain to read/write sysctl fs files
    - Allow conman to read system state
    - Allow brltty_t domain to be dbusd system client
    - Allow zebra_t domain to bind on babel udp port
    - Allow freeipmi domain to read sysfs_t files
    - Allow targetd_t domain mmap lvm config files
    - Allow abrt_t domain to manage kdump crash files
    - Add capability dac_override to antivirus domain
    - Allow svirt_t domain mmap svirt_image_t files BZ(1514538)
    - Allow ftpd_t domain to chat with systemd
    - Allow systemd init named socket activation for uuidd policy
    - Allow networkmanager domain to write to ecryptfs_t files BZ(1566706)
    - Allow l2tpd domain to stream connect to sssd BZ(1568160)
    - Dontaudit abrt_t to write to lib_t dirs BZ(1566784)
    - Allow NetworkManager_ssh_t domain transition to insmod_t BZ(1567630)
    - Allow certwatch to manage cert files BZ(1561418)
    - Merge pull request #53 from tmzullinger/rawhide
    - Merge pull request #52 from thetra0/rawhide
    - Allow abrt_dump_oops_t domain to mmap all non security files BZ(1565748)
    - Allow gpg_t domain mmap cert_t files Allow gpg_t mmap gpg_agent_t files
    - Allow NetworkManager_ssh_t domain use generic ptys. BZ(1565851)
    - Allow pppd_t domain read/write l2tpd pppox sockets BZ(1566096)
    - Allow xguest user use bluetooth sockets if xguest_use_bluetooth boolean is turned on.
    - Allow pppd_t domain creating pppox sockets BZ(1566271)
    - Allow abrt to map var_lib_t files
    - Allow chronyc to read system state BZ(1565217)
    - Allow keepalived_t domain to chat with systemd via dbus
    - Allow git to mmap git_(sys|user)_content_t files BZ(1518027)
    - Allow netutils_t domain to create bluetooth sockets
    - Allow traceroute to bind on generic sctp node
    - Allow traceroute to search network sysctls
    - Allow systemd to use virtio console
    - Label /dev/op_panel and /dev/opal-prd as opal_device_t
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