208de24 - Fix mirrormanager_read_lib_files()

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Fix mirrormanager_read_lib_files()
    - Allow mirromanager scripts running as httpd_t to manage mirrormanager pid files
    - Allow ctdb to create sock files in /var/run/ctdb
    - Add sblim_filetrans_named_content() interface
    - Allow rpm scritplets to create /run/gather with correct labeling
    - Allow gnome keyring domains to create gnome config dirs
    - Dontaudit read/write to init stream socket for lsmd_plugin_t
    - Allow automount to read nfs link files
    - Allow lsm plugins to read/write lsmd stream socket
    - Allow certmonger to connect ldap port to make IPA CA certificate renewal working.
    - Add also labeling for /var/run/ctdb
    - Add missing labeling for /var/lib/ctdb
    - ALlow tuned to manage syslog.conf. Should be fixed in tuned. #1030446
    - Dontaudit hypervkvp to search homedirs
    - Dontaudit hypervkvp to search admin homedirs
    - Allow hypervkvp to execute bin_t and ifconfig in the caller domain
    - Dontaudit xguest_t to read ABRT conf files
    - Add abrt_dontaudit_read_config()
    - Allow namespace-init to getattr on fs
    - Add thumb_role() also for xguest
    - Add filename transitions to create .spamassassin with correct labeling
    - Allow apache domain to read mirrormanager pid files
    - Allow domains to read/write shm and sem owned by mozilla_plugin_t
    - Allow alsactl to send a generic signal to kernel_t
    - Allow plymouthd to read run/udev/queue.bin
    - Allow sys_chroot for NM required by iodine service
    - Change glusterd to allow mounton all non securit
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+64 -60
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+264 -53
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