23f3cc6 - Addopt corenet rules for unbound-anchor to rpm_script_t

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Addopt corenet rules for unbound-anchor to rpm_script_t
    - Allow runuser to send send audit messages.
    - Allow postfix-local to search .forward in munin lib dirs
    - Allow udisks to connect to D-Bus
    - Allow spamd to connect to spamd port
    - Fix syntax error in snapper.te
    - Dontaudit osad to search gconf home files
    - Allow rhsmcertd to manage /etc/sysconf/rhn director
    - Fix pcp labeling to accept /usr/bin for all daemon binaries
    - Fix mcelog_read_log() interface
    - Allow iscsid to manage iscsi lib files
    - Allow snapper domtrans to lvm_t. Add support for /etc/snapper and allow snapperd to manage it.
    - Make tuned_t as unconfined domain for RHEL7.0
    - Allow ABRT to read puppet certs
    - Add sys_time capability for virt-ga
    - Allow gemu-ga to domtrans to hwclock_t
    - Allow additional access for virt_qemu_ga_t processes to read system clock and send audit messages
    - Fix some AVCs in pcp policy
    - Add to bacula capability setgid and setuid and allow to bind to bacula ports
    - Changed label from rhnsd_rw_conf_t to rhnsd_conf_t
    - Add access rhnsd and osad to /etc/sysconfig/rhn
    - drbdadm executes drbdmeta
    - Fixes needed for docker
    - Allow epmd to manage /var/log/rabbitmq/startup_err file
    - Allow beam.smp connect to amqp port
    - Modify xdm_write_home to allow create also links as xdm_home_t if the boolean is on true
    - Allow init_t to manage pluto.ctl because of init_t instead of initrc_t
    - Allow systemd_tmpfiles_t to manage all non security files on the system
    - Added labels for bacula ports
    - Fix label on /dev/vfio/vfio
    - Add kernel_mounton_messages() interface
    - init wants to manage lock files for iscsi
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