2ca4cb1 - Fix gnome_read_generic_data_home_files()

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - Fix gnome_read_generic_data_home_files()
    - allow openshift_cgroup_t to read/write inherited openshift file types
    - Remove httpd_cobbler_content * from cobbler_admin interface
    - Allow svirt sandbox domains to setattr on chr_file and blk_file svirt_sandbox_file_t, so sshd
    - Allow httpd_t to read also git sys content symlinks
    - Allow init_t to read gnome home data
    - Dontaudit setroubleshoot_fixit_t execmem, since it does not seem to really need it.
    - Allow virsh to execute systemctl
    - Fix for nagios_services plugins
    - add type defintion for ctdbd_var_t
    - Add support for /var/ctdb. Allow ctdb block_suspend and read /etc/passwd file
    - Allow net_admin/netlink_socket all hyperv_domain domains
    - Add labeling for zarafa-search.log and zarafa-search.pid
    - Fix hypervkvp.te
    - Fix nscd_shm_use()
    - Add initial policy for /usr/sbin/hypervvssd in hypervkvp policy which should be renamed to hy
    - Add hypervkvp_unit_file_t type
    - Fix logging policy
    - Allow syslog to bind to tls ports
    - Update labeling for /dev/cdc-wdm
    - Allow to su_domain to read init states
    - Allow init_t to read gnome home data
    - Make sure if systemd_logind creates nologin file with the correct label
    - Clean up ipsec.te
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+107 -59
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+61 -32
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