306bd54 - wine_tmp is no longer needed

Authored and Committed by mgrepl 7 years ago
    - wine_tmp is no longer needed
    - Allow setroubleshoot to look at /proc
    - Allow telepathy domains to dbus with systemd logind
    - Fix handling of fifo files of rpm
    - Allow mozilla_plugin to transition to itself
    - Allow certwatch to write to cert_t directories
    - New abrt application
    - Allow NetworkManager to set the kernel scheduler
    - Make wine_domain shared by all wine domains
    - Allow mdadm_t to read images labeled svirt_image_t
    - Allow amanda to read /dev/urand
    - ALlow my_print_default to read /dev/urand
    - Allow mdadm to write to kdumpctl fifo files
    - Allow nslcd to send signull to itself
    - Allow yppasswd to read /dev/urandom
    - Fix zarafa_setrlimit
    - Add support for /var/lib/php/wsdlcache
    - Add zarafa_setrlimit boolean
    - Allow fetchmail to send mails
    - Add additional alias for user_tmp_t because wine_tmp_t is no longer used
    - More handling of ther kernel keyring required by kerberos
    - New privs needed for init_t when running without transition to initrc_t over bin_t
file modified
+621 -434
file modified
+532 -391
file modified
+25 -1